Recieve This Day!


God has chosen this day for you! He chooses to give you good things today as you seek Him and praise Him in your devotions! He is ready and waiting to show you pleasure and peace in ways you have yet to discover. He is waiting for His people to come to Him in prayer and praise. Praise His holy name today and every day! Pray for His guidance, His mercy and peace.  He will honor your requests and bless you with these things! God is waiting to bless you! He showed me this morning that He is on His throne holding a golden bottle filled with the oil of gladness, waiting to pour it out over His people. He loves to fill our hearts with peace and joy! In order to receive this great gift, you must call upon Him to deliver you from the enemy, then walk in His ways, receive His mercy and pray for your freedom. You must turn from your evil ways of thinking and living. You must ready yourself to receive His goodness.

Do not allow yourself to wander the earth with envy or anger. Do not choose to hurt others. Instead, you must bless your enemies, greet those who hate you with a smile and love in your heart. Show them God’s love for them and forgive them for their ignorance. Then you will be blessed. Then you will receive the golden oil from the bottle only held by the one and only true God. Be blessed today as you receive this word and as you carry out His mission. Let God show you His mercy, His Love and His plan for you to prosper and receive His blessings.

Take this day to praise God and love your enemy!

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5: 44 NIV

God is so Good


Our God is so Good! Do you know today that He loves you? Do you know that He cares about you? Do you know that you can pray to Him any time, any where?

I pray first thing when I wake up. I pray when I’m waiting in line. I pray when I have a burden on my heart instead letting worry take over. I give my concerns to Him, and He takes charge. I know He is There with me, calming my heart and helping me realize He has my back and He want’s only the best.

I love to know that He is with me where ever I go, at all times, whether I sense His presence or not. Life is not always easy, but I have an advocate in Him. I am free to walk through my day with peace, knowing I have a living God who cares for me and covers me with overwhelming love.

When something does not go the way I wanted it to, I know He has something better in store for me. I trust that my plan may have caused me harm, or that He has something better in store for me. I trust Him with my life! He is the one and only True God! The God of Abraham, the God of Adam and Eve, the Holy Father of Jesus Christ our Savior, who sent His Son so we could live!

Go, live, play, and know that you too can have peace and joy in Him!




Today, God is with me. He sends His angles to watch over me in this day. I am protected from the evil one who seeks to kill and destroy. God is with me as I do my chores, drive to my appointments, prepare my meals and take my rest. I know He is with me because He has promised me in His Word and I sense His presence as I go about my day. 2 Timothy 2:19: Never the less, God’s solid foundation stands firm, having this inscription: The Lord knows those who are His, and everyone who names the name of the Lord must turn away from unrighteousness. I have turned away from evil. I have given God my full attention. He knows who I am and He sees everything I do, and He calls it good. My Heart is for Him, and therefore He rewards my faithfulness with His great mercy and peace. He protects me from the evil one as I march through my day. God is my strength, He is my peace and my protection. He shows me great mercy and guides me through life while He hides me from the enemy. He places angels all around me, to comfort me in times of trouble and they protect me.

God is everywhere! He knows all and He sees all! He see’s my heart and He hears my thoughts. God is my go-to. I go to Him first! He send’s His angels to rescue me! His angels watch over me and keep me. He love’s me more than I will ever be able to understand. I do not wake up in the morning without the love of the Father. I do not make a move without the love of My Father God. I am thankful to God today as He prepares my way ahead of me!




You are treasured! You are loved! You are anointed for my purpose! Walk closely with me to see and taste the wonders of my love for you! Do not consider yourself “not good enough”. I made you who you are, and I make no mistakes.  If you will seek me, I will show you how to love and how to live a new life of hope and fulfilment. I will guide you past the worries as long as you stay close to me. I have hidden treasures in your heart waiting to come forth into the world.  These treasures are love and mercy, thanksgiving and peace. They will be of great benefit for you in the coming days. I am waiting for you to come to me for your answers, your peace and your forgiveness. I am waiting for you to receive these treasures I have laid up for you.

Come to me with your burdens, your worries and your fears. I am your comforter, I am ready to lead you to a life of victory. I am ready to show you love that you have never seen or felt before. I am the God of Adam, the first man that I created. I am the God of Moses who I chose to lead my people out of slavery. I am the Great Creator of this world. There is nothing I cannot do. I am ready to give you a good life, but you must follow me to receive.

Accept my invitation today! Accept my love! Accept my promises! I have laid up treasures in Heaven for a life well done!

He Lives!


God is with us! God’s heart is to see us all healed and whole. He has never left us or forsaken us! Many may feel they are all alone, but this is because they do not seek Him! He has never left your side. He is waiting to help you understand, to help you make choices and decisions. God has always been there! He did not leave you! God loves you! You are important to Him! He longs to heal your heart. He longs to hear your praise! He longs to be the guiding force in your life. God is. He always will be. He is the only one to pray to if you want succeed. He is waiting for you to call on Him. His blessings are endless! His love for you is boundless!

Get on your knees today, acknowledge Him and ask His forgiveness for your sins.  Then ask Him to come into your heart and fill it with His love, righteousness and forgiveness for others that may have hurt you. It will not hurt. It will feel great! When you ask for it and allow it, His love will overflow through your heart and into the hearts and lives of others. He’s waiting for you now! Go ahead! Give it a try! Jesus Loves You!!!




We all need wisdom. Wisdom is defined as “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.” Without wisdom, we can make foolish decisions. As I look back on the mistakes in my young life, I realize I did not use wisdom, or seek the wisdom of others. I went through a very rough journey due to the lack of wisdom. My life could have been so much easier and sweeter with the use of our Creator’s wisdom. If I had chosen a relationship with God, and sought His wisdom, my life could have been much easier and not quite so messed up.

From a teenage pregnancy, to a marriage to a man who did not love me. He sexually abused me beginning at the age of fourteen, and he married me even though he did not love me, or his baby.  It took four years in hell and the beating he gave our young daughter to finally make me realize I needed to get out. The BEST decision I ever made. Even though God hates divorce, I’m pretty sure I have been forgiven, and He has restored and blessed my life and my daughter’s as well.

I can find countless moments in my young life where wisdom would have made things turn out a whole lot better. Praying to God for wisdom does not waist His time, and in fact, God is waiting for us to call out to Him for His wisdom. His wisdom is freely and happily given any time we look up to Him and ask for His wisdom in our situation.

We can pray as soon as we wake up in the morning and ask for His wisdom throughout our day. In fact, that’s the best way to start your day! I do my best to remember to do so! I also pray for His wisdom with every big decision I make throughout my day.

You are God’s chosen! He loves and cherishes you! He desires to guide you and keep you safe! But you must be the one to ask Him for wisdom and favor in your life and in your day. You will be glad you did!

What Are You Waiting For?


What are you waiting for? You have been invited to the most prestigious group of people on earth! Yet you hold back, afraid to take that next step! It is time to stop waiting and get moving. If it is God that created you, and God that created the earth, what is keeping you from accepting His love in a more intimate and personal way? Do you not know that He is waiting for you? God has given us ALL free will. The ability to make choices. He gave us free will, so why do we shun Him and not freely follow Him? Why do we think we do not deserve Him, or worse, He does not deserve us? What keeps us from running to Him with open arms to receive everything He has already given us?

Why do we push God away and deny His love for us? Why is so hard for so many to turn to God? Who else will give you so much? Who else can love you more than He? God is here, in the midst of us, waiting for us to just turn and take that first step that says you will love Him back. The entire world is open for us when we follow God! He does not condemn us! He lifts us up! He honors us because we honor Him!

God is not a puppeteer! No human is a puppet on a string! God has given everyone the right to do as they please! Even those that follow Him. He will show us His ways, His mercy and His love. He will guide us if we let Him, and He will not lead us to harm. He will not forsake us!

His word we call the Holy Bible is meant to be a guide and not to be translated into punishment for anyone. His mercy is new every morning! His angles sing over us when we choose to walk in His path of righteousness. His heart is that we would not perish and that we would ALL come to Him and have everlasting life! EVERYONE!

Many “Religions” have put God in a box of their own making. But God cannot be boxed! He is freedom and righteousness! Goodness and mercy! He is not brutal or cruel! He does not control anyone. That is why so many bad things happen. Those who choose not to follow, or to pervert His word into their own will end up in misery and brokenness taking others with them.

He is so much more than that! He is waiting with open arms to show the human race how to live a better, more peaceful and genuine life filled with grace and mercy. A life filled with love for Him and love for others. A life in God through Jesus Christ is all about love and forgiveness. That does not mean it is always rainbows and candy canes, because evil still exists on the earth, but it is a place to find peace in the midst of the heartache caused by others, even those that know Him. No human is perfect. We all make mistakes. We all have moments when we make wrong choices that cause damage and calamity. We all are only human after all. But we all have the choice to follow God and in doing so to help make the world a better place for all.